Brands of Products that we carry

  • Acme Quality Paints
  • American Tape
    Masking & trim tapes
  • Automask
  • Axalta Coating Systems
    Complete line of paints, including Standox, Cromax XP, ChromaBase, ChromaPremier & Mosaic, Nason, Centari, Vinyl, Hot Hues & Imron Industrial finishes, clears, primers, sealers, Sontara towels, solvents and related preparation materials and additives.
  • Devilbiss
    Quality paint spray guns and equipment
  • Dewalt
    Polisher/grinders & accessories
  • Disco
    Body clips, fasteners, screws & hardware
  • Dupli-color
    Automotive quality spray cans & touchup paint, including Omni-Fill custom
    packaged aerosol colors & VHT
  • Excel
    Hot rod black, both flat & satin and standard basecoat colors
  • Evercoat
    Body filler, polyester putties, fiberglass and other related products
  • Finish Pro
    Economical body filler and plastic sheeting
  • Flexzilla
    Premium air hose and fittings
  • Gerson
    Tack clothes, strainers, etc.
  • Goof Off
  • High Teck
  • House of Kolor
    Custom paint finishes, including candies, pearls, neon, marblizer…
  • Hutchins
    Top quality air tools
  • Ingersoll-Rand
    Sanders & other air tools
  • Iwata
    Paint guns, air brushes, air brush compressor sets and stencils
  • Klean-strip
    Paint stripper and prep cleaners
  • Like90
    Specialty corrosion inhibitors
  • Lord Fusor
    Autobody repair adhesives & fillers
  • 3M
    Abrasives, adhesives, seam sealers, masking products, flex repair, polishes,
    compounds, stripe tape, PPS cups, and other body shop supplies
  • Makita
    Polishers and grinders
  • Marson
    Rivets and misc tools and supplies
  • Meguiars
    Mirror Glaze professional polishes, waxes, marine and car care detailing products
  • Microflex
    Latex & nitrile gloves
  • Milwaukee Tools
  • Mothers
  • Motorguard
    Oil / water extractors and disposable filters
  • One-Shot
    Lettering enamel
  • POR-15
    Rust preventive coating
  • Pre-Val
    Disposable paint sprayers and refills
  • Sata
    Top quality paint spray guns and equipment
  • Sem
    Flexible vinyl and plastic paint system & Custom Fill aerosol spray cans
  • Scotchbrite
  • Scott Towels
    Disposable wipes for shop use
  • S.M. Arnold
    Buffing pads & detailing products
  • SprayMax
    Top quality aerosol clears, primers & trim blacks, including 2K activated cans.
  • Sunmight
    Economical sandpaper, including DA discs, in-line sheets and wet-or dry
  • TCI
  • Tork
    Disposable wiping towels and dispensers
  • Transtar
    Economical paint products
  • U-POL
    Blender, putties & Raptor bed liner
  • U.S. Chemical
    Body fillers & putties
  • VHT
  • Viskon-Aire
    Spray booth filters
  • Wanda
    Economical paint with excellent color matching, including clears, primers etc
  • Wizards
    Polishes, waxes and detailing products