Yes, we can put your car color into spray cans!

Your particular color is mixed to order and then loaded into a new spray can with one of our aerosol filling machines. Most colors are available to be put into a spray can in either basecoat, single stage enamel, 2K urethane, and paint for flexible vinyl and plastic. We can make as few as one can to as many as you need.

We offer the Dupli-color Omni-Fill filling system for both enamel and basecoat paints and the Fillon Pichon filling system with Sem and Spraymax cans for enamel, basecoat paint, 2K urethane and vinyl/plastic paint.

Your color is mixed in whatever quantity of paint needed (pint, quart, gallon …) and we make as many spray cans from that paint as the paint quantity will allow. Many times as little as 1/4 pint can be mixed, which is just enough to make a single spray can. This service is available for both basecoat or single stage enamel paint in the Nason paint line, along with Wanda, Chromabase and Cromax XP basecoat paint. Pricing is the cost of the paint itself, which varies depending on the quality and quantity of paint needed, plus $15.00-$25.00 for each aerosol spray can. We also make 2K urathane single stage enamel paint loaded into spray cans. This is a premium activated urethane enamel paint that gives superior gloss and durability. The spray can is activated by pushing a button on the bottom of the can with a pot-life of approximately 24-hours after activation.